The reason we created our Medical products.

   It started in June of 2017.  We became frustrated in looking for tools specifically for nurses at the bedside.  Medical Surgical, ICU, ER,NICU and other nurses always borrowing instruments and modifying medical equipment to get simple tasks done. Hemostats that have parallel sides to tear up IV ports.  We designed our scissors to "cradle" the ports and effortlessly unfasten stubborn connections that seal themselves with protein based medications.  IV bags that fold on themselves when trying to loosen them from the IV spike... the same problem.  Our integrated clamps make quick work of it.

    We currently sell on Amazon and our website and adding other products that were born from bedside innovation and need.  This was our first idea and the Night owl has a rechargeable light in the handle. All our products have been born out of necessity.  Please keep checking back to see what other products will be produced as we have a few in queue to develop that are helpful and improvements from our current line of products.