What makes a nurse efficient at working at the bedside....

   "Do you have a hemostat?" asked nurse Chelsea.  I need to loosen this connection on this central line.  "Yeah, I have one in my bag somewhere" says nurse Carolyn.

     Would it be nice to have it readily available not only have a clamp feature but, scissors to cut excess name bands and tape?  That's exactly why we created our light duty Hummingbird scissors and heavy duty Night owl scissors.  No need for a hemostat borrowed from surgery and old scissors found at the Unit Assistants desk.  Its all combined for nurses.  We have our own tools that help us become efficient and give excellent patient care by saving time.


     Both our scissors have oxygen keys for respiratory therapist and nurses who are constantly opening/closing O 2 tanks. Keep visiting us for other tips as we continue to get testimonials from nurses.  Nurse Anthony told us he was able to remove a intraosseous access with ease using the Night Owl in the ER.  Brenda who is a ICU nurse told us she used the Hummingbird to disconnect a arterial line that needed new tubing.  We are very impressed to hear these stories.  We have changed a arterial line, but the intraosseous... that is amazing. We look forward to hear of more stories at the bedside and how our products have helped patients.

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